The International Centre for

Circassian Studies (ICCS)

Центрым и къалэн нэхъыщхьэр

Mission Statement:

The principal mission of the International Centre for Circassian Studies (ICCS) is the development and dissemination of Circassian language and culture, and to promote them world-wide, so that ultimately Circassian culture would find a place amongst the mainstream world cultures.

Центрым и мурадхэр

Aims and Goals:

  • The establishment of the Centre as a viable academic institution.
  • The publication of materials (books, monographs, journals, etc.) which enhance the development of Circassian culture and literature in all cultural and literary spheres.
  • The dissemination of linguistic, cultural and folkloric materials that showcase Circassian language and culture. 
  • To establish co-operation ties with peer institutions and individuals across the world.
  • To organise and promote the annual Circassian language conference. This would be an on-going international event to consider the status of the Circassian language in the Caucasus and the diaspora and to study the various programmes developed for the development and promotion of the use of the Circassian language in all spheres.

  • One of the short-term objectives is to establish criteria by which the long-term objectives can be achieved.

The ideas and suggestions of all stakeholders have to be taken into consideration when charting the course followed by the Centre. Scholars and researchers, cultural workers and folklorists, writers and literary workers, and consumers and connoisseurs of cultural and folkloric materials and works are all important players on the stage that we are endeavouring to build.

Центрым зыгъэзащIэ къалэнхэр

Current ICCS projects:

  • Online Circassian language teaching centre has already been made available with full panoply of teaching aids (primers, phrase-books, bi-lingual texts, dictionaries, bibliographies and references, etc.). This facility shall be continuously developed and expanded. Feedback from learners would help us in improving the services provided.

  • Publication of a cultural and literary journal. The Centre publishes a triannual journal 'The Hearth Tree' on cultural, folkloric, linguistic, and literary issues that should be of interest to a wide spectrum of readers, including scholars and academicians. All efforts shall be made to maintain the highest standards expected of a scholarly publication. Circassian and English shall be amongst the principal languages of publication. The journal is also available on line (on this website) for easy access. The first (pilot) issue of the journal is available on this website.

  • Making available of audio-visual materials, including teaching materials, music files, films, and programmes, on line and in more conventional formats. The ICCS website has limitless storage and bandwidth to contain the substantive materials expected to be made available on it.

  • Collection of cultural, folkloric and linguistic materials. Concerted efforts are being made to collect all kinds of materials on Circassian literature, language, culture, and folklore and to digitize these and convert them into easily accessible formats. It is the ambition of the ICCS to become the custodian of the most comprehensive collection of Circassian cultural materials.

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