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Circassian Humour 



On this page, the different aspects of Circassian humour shall be featured.

The following book (in Circassian and Russian) is about the earthly humour and antics of Sulht'an Zhemix'we (Jaimoukha). Sulht'an was born in the village of Zeyiqwe (Зеикъуэ; ancient name: Het'ox'wschiqwey, ХьэтIохъущыкъуей) in the Bakhsan District of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic in 1927. He married from the 'Epsche (Iэпщэ) clan and had three children: a son and two daughters. Although he found an early death in 1984, he has left a rich legacy of good humour and humaneness, which shall remain for many generations. 


Jedghef, A., ЖЭМЫХЪУЭ СУЛЪТIАН И ГУШЫIЭХЭР. Zhemix’we Sulht’an yi Gwshi’exer. Yumoristika Sultana Zhemukhova [The Humouristics of Sulht’an Zhemix’we (Jaimoukha)], Nalchik: Poligrafservis i T, 2004. [The book is in both Kabardian (Circassian) and Russian]

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