International Centre for Circassian Studies (ICCS)


Book Sponsorships

The International Centre for Circassian Studies (ICCS) shall sponsor the publication of books and other materials that pertain to Circassian literature, culture and folklore, and which impact their development. Sponsorship entails providing consultation on the content and/or rendering assistance in the publication of the book.


Certain criteria shall apply, including pertinence and relevance. Priority shall be given to books written in Circassian and global languages. Interested parties may apply (electronically) by sending a short account of the project and details on the assistance required from the Centre. A decision regarding the sponsorship shall be made and communicated within two weeks of receiving the application.

Conversely, the ICCS welcomes sponsorships from parties interested in the development and dissemination of Circassian literature, culture and folklore. Ideally, a self-propagating mechanism would be set awork whereby talented writers and researchers would be sponsored by donors through the Centre.

Currently, the ICCS is sponsoring four projects by as many writers. Broached topics include Circassian onomastics, historical personages, proverbs, and bibliography. Details shall be made available to parties interested in providing assistance.

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