The International Centre for

Circassian Studies (ICCS)

The International Centre for Circassian Studies (ICCS) is a non-profit cultural organisation with administrative and financial independence. It has been established with the principal aim of developing and disseminating Circassian literature, culture and folklore in their original and genuine vessel: the Circassian language.

The establishment of the ICCS is one of the concrete outcomes of 'The First International Conference on the Circassian Language and the Activation of Its Usage among the Circassian Diaspora', held in October 2008 in Amman (Jordan), and attended by a large number of experts and researchers on the Circassian language.

The Centre shall be involved in the publication of materials on Circassian literature, culture and folklore in Circassian and other appropriate languages, principally English. Co-operation with institutions and individuals of similar interests and concerns shall be sought with the purpose of engagement in mutual projects and the publication of books, monographs, and other materials.

It is hoped that the ICCS would act as a primary platform for the creation, fostering and dissemination of  (the results of) high-end research on Circassian language and culture. The Centre shall also endeavour to render assistance to writers and researchers (in the Caucasus and diaspora) who seek to publish their work either in the West or in countries where there are significant Circassian communities.

Through the promotion of the work of past and present masters of the Circassian language, and the acknowledged pillars of culture and folklore, it is the ambition of the Centre to act as a catalyst to prise Circassian culture out of its (conceived) isolation and to engender increased interest in one of the oldest surviving civilisations in the world. Specifically in this regard, one of the medium-term (or long-term, depending on the resources that are made available to the Centre) goals of the ICCS is to establish a department wholly concerned with the translation of Circassian materials (principally books) into global languages.

Co-operation with the cultural institutions in the Caucasus is most crucial to the success of this endeavour. There is an almost limitless source of cultural, folkloric, and linguistic materials available in the cultural and educational institutions in the Caucasus. In addition, the national archives in the three Circassian republics in the Caucasus (namely, the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic, the Karachai-Cherkess Republic, and the Adigean Republic) are essential. Making back-up copies of these archives and disseminating them are a must for Circassian culture.

This website, which will be fully developed in both Circassian and English, is intended to reflect the activities of the Centre and as an interface with the users and stakeholders. It shall also be used as a depository of materials on Circassian language and culture. Ultimately, this site is a stage for showcasing and celebration of Circassian language and culture.

Since one of the functions of the ICCS  is the collection, processing and dissemination of linguistic, literary, cultural and folkloric materials, every effort shall be made to obtain permission from owners of copyrighted material used on this website, or published by other means, electronic or physical. In case of oversight, please contact the Centre.   

Contact information:

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E-mail address: circassiancentre@gmail.com

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