International Centre for Circassian Studies (ICCS)

Circassian Language Competition

for school children

ЕджакIуэхэм папщIэ

адыгэбзэ зэхьэзэхуэ

The International Centre for Circassian Studies (ICCS) shall hold a periodical competition for school children concerned with the composition of articles and essays  on Circassian issues in Circassian (Adigean and Kabardian). Entries from the Caucasus and diaspora are welcome.

One of the main themes is:

"How can we spread the use of the Circassian language and make more people want to learn it?"


  1. The essay shall be written in standard Circassian (Adigean, Kabardian).
  2. The essay shall have a length of at least one thousand words. Longer essays are accepted, and if an entry is of sufficient quality, additional length shall solicit better scores.
  3. The last date of submission shall be three months after the date of the official announcement of the competition.
  4. Submission shall be effected through electronic means. The essay must be written in Microsoft Word format. Each competitor shall make sure that his submission is accompanied by his/her name and full postal address.
  5. Entries are allowed from any country in the world, and no restrictions shall be imposed with regard to nationality. 
  6. The organisers of the competition (ICCS) shall have the right to publish the submitted essays on its website. Specifically, the winning essays and the names of the winners shall be displayed on the website.
  7. The results of the competition shall be announced on this website one month after the deadline for submission.

Although assistance from adults is condoned and even encouraged, the entrants themselves must display a high-level of Circassian proficiency. In particular, the winners' mastery of the Circassian language shall be tested prior to dispensation of the prizes.    


There will be cash prizes as follows:

  • First prize: $250 (two hundred and fifty US dollars).
  • Second prize: $120 (one hundred and twenty US dollars).
  • third prize: $80 (eighty US dollars).
 The prizes shall be sent by post within two weeks of publication of the contest results.

For further enquiries, please contact us at:


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