Circassian Culture and Folklore

Circassian Culture and Folklore:
Hospitality Traditions, Cuisine, Festivals and Music
(Kabardian, Cherkess, Adigean, Shapsugh and Diaspora)

Compiled & edited by Amjad Jaimoukha

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Minstrels: An Anthology of Circassian Music

This is the first book in English to describe in detail the rich culture and
traditions of the Circassians - comprising the Karbardians, Cherkess,
Adigeans and Shapsugh. The diaspora of this North Caucasian people stems
from their defeat in the catastrophic century-long Circassian-Russian War,
which ended in 1864. As a result, Circassia's population lost their
time-honoured independence and huge numbers went into exile.

Circassian Culture and Folklore provides an ethno-anthropological
perspective on the ancient hospitality, cuisine and attitude to life that
Circassians across the world still keep alive. A taste is also given of the
many holidays and festivals celebrated across the calendar, revealing their
vibrant syncretism of ancient beliefs.

Sections cover the ancient Nart epics and Circassian music and musicology,
complete with traditional songs and melodies divided into genres (a CD
anthology is available separately). A collection of Circassian sayings and
expressions with English translations plus a comprehensive bibliography are
included as appendices.



THE AUTHOR: Amjad Jaimoukha's other works include Kabardian-English
Dictionary, The Circassians: A Handbook, Grammar of the Kabardian Language,
The Cycles of the Nart Epic of the Circassians, Circassian Proverbs and
Sayings, Circassian Bibliography, The Chechens: A Handbook, Parlons
tcherkesse: Dialecte kabarde (with Michel Malherbe).


--Press for Amjad Jaimoukha's previous study The Circassians:

"This exceptionally comprehensive handbook maintains throughout the highest
scholarly rigour... A fundamental reference" - Choice Magazine

"The Circassians makes a valuable contribution by providing a base of solid
and reliable data about this group and by explicitly presenting the minority
perspective." - The Times Literary Supplement

560 pages, 156 x 234mm, with 175 B&W illustrations, maps and sheet music

Published by Bennett & Bloom, November 2010

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