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 Circassian Lexicography

 (Bibliography of Circassian Dictionaries)



Collected by


Amjad Jaimoukha

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Online Circassian Dictionaries

Kardanov (Qarden), B. M. (ed.), Kabardinsko-russki slovar' [Kabardian-Russian Dictionary], Kabardino-Balkarian Science and Research Institute, Moscow: State Press of Foreign and National Dictionaries, 1957.

20,000 entries. Short grammatical treatise in Russian by Kardanov at end.

Kabardian-Russian Dictionary.djvu Kabardian-Russian Dictionary.djvu
Size : 5415 Kb
Type : djvu

Jawirjiy, H. Z. and Siqwn, H. H., Wiris-Adige Shkol Psalhalhe [School Russian-Kabardian Dictionary], Nalchik: Nart Publishing House, 1991.

320 pages. 12,000 entries.

Russian-Kabardian Dictionary.djvu Russian-Kabardian Dictionary.djvu
Size : 4753 Kb
Type : djvu

Shagirov (Shaghir), A. K., Ètimologicheskiy slovar
' adigskikh (cherkesskikh) yazikov, 1&2 [Etymological Dictionary of the Circassian Languages, 1&2], Moscow: Nauka, 1977.

Heqwn, B. Yu., Adige Qech’ighets’exer [Circassian Flora], Nalchik: Elbrus Book Press, 1992 (second edition); first edition: Qech’ighets’exem ya Psalhalhe [Dictionary of Circassian Flora], Cherkessk, 1975.

First edition: about 1,000 entries; second edition: about 1,500 entries.
Adige Qech'ighets'exer.djvu Adige Qech'ighets'exer.djvu
Size : 3137 Kb
Type : djvu
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